Eagle’s eye view

highlighting the glorious landscapes

Eagle’s eye view

An Eagle’s Flight Panorama allows the viewer to glide across imposing landscapes, valleys and mountaintops. The film production company ScienceVision used a special system for this – a “gyro stabilized” camera. This camera is attached to the outside of a helicopter and remotely controlled from the cockpit.

Journey into the arctic

When you climb up from the valleys into the region of alpine peaks, the climate changes in much the same way that it would if you traveled from Central Europe to the North Pole. So the further up (or north) you go, the colder it gets. However, the climatic zones in the high mountains are much more condensed than they are on the way to the North Pole. A journey from Mittersill to the Großglockner is thus equivalent to traveling several thousand kilometers to the Arctic.



Climate station - live weather station

Check out data to compare the current weather situation in Mittersill with conditions on a Tauern peak and in the Arctic. 
Hohe Tauern, Valley Location: Mittersill, 788m.
Hohe Tauern, Peak Region: Sonnblick Observatory, 3106m.
Spitzberger/Svalbard, Arctic: Ny Alesund Meteorological Station.



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