High Pasture´s Life

Humans in harmony with nature

Life on high mountain pastures

A stage alpine pasture atmosphere makes the vistor imagine to be on an alpine pasture.

Special arm chairs invite to a short rest, after one has informed himself about the alpine pasture life and the alpine pasture economy as well as about tasty alpine pasture products.

Pinzgauer native domestic animals

Pinzgauer Cattles, Noriker horses, Pinzgauer goats and mountain sheeps. You can hear them moo, grumble and bleating and you get information about their history and their characters.


Magic of the Flowering plants

Screens (with film sequences of ScienceVision) inform about the magnificent flora of the national park Hohe Tauern, about peculiarities on the north side and south side of the Alps and about the unique flourish carpets of the mountain meadows. Lie down on the alpine pasture meadows arm chairs and enjoy the mountain flower magic



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