Marmots & Co

the world of Alpine animals and plants

Marmot burrow

A high mountain scenery with a large marmot burrow,  in which children and daring adults can crawl in tubes in the ground and where you can visit marmots in ist burrow., forms the heart of this experience world. In the so-called winter burrow a sleeping marmot family can be seen.



Marmot cinema

In the "marmot cinema" outstanding film scenes, produces by ScienceVision, from the life of the typical animals of the national park are shown. You can observe, e.g., a marmot family in and around the burrow, eagle and snow hare in summer and winter, the climbing kings Capricorn, chamois and wall runners, geese and beard vultures and others in exceptionally short-takes.

Alpine world of animals

You will finde ptarmigan, ermine and snow hare according to season in the white winter dress or in the brown summer dress. Other animals like snow mouse and some songbirds will be find in the landscape. Additional info elements inform about the peculiarities of the alpine animals of the national park.

Alpine world of plants

Behind every plant in the national park Hohe Tauern is a changeful history:  where it comes from,  how it maintains its place and which survival strategies it applies against environmental influences.



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