World of Water

experience the mountain streams

Walking on the buttom of a mountain high stream

The Hohe Tauern national park is a land of water with many different habitats for plants and animals and overflowing with a bounty full supply of drinking water. Water can be seen, heard, smelt and sensed everywhere. A mountain high stream is depict and animals as brown trout, stonefly larva, caddis fly larva with case mountain midge larva, alpin planariam and others - are shown in a large scale.

World of water

Glaciers gleam on the peaks, a stream rushes through every valley, mountain lakes and wetlands slumber in in cirques and forests and whereever rock gets in the way, waterfalls rush through and carve out gorges.  Information on the waterfalls, mountain lakes, high mountain streams, wetlands and bogs in the national park Hohe Tauern is given.



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