360 ° Panorama cinema

Enjoy a unique film experience

The "360° National Park World" offers a unique natural spectacle through all seasons and altitudes of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Thanks to elaborate time-lapse photography, changing weather, light and shadow conditions, as well as an impressive soundscape, you feel like you are in the middle of the national park, surrounded by mighty peaks, deep crevasses, rushing mountain streams and forests with ancient trees.

The Making of

The media technology was developed and implemented jointly by the Graz-based companies Science Vision and Pro Media. The research for the development of this project took those responsible as far as Hamburg and Los Angeles.

The big challenge was to capture the film footage in 360° perspective and then to present it in the same quality on the screen in the panorama dome, says the managing director of Science Vision, Dr Michael Schlamberger.

When the "360 Degree National Park World" was founded, there was no comparable project anywhere in the world. Therefore, special recording devices with twelve cameras on a ring had to be made, with which the film shots could be captured and realised outside in nature, Schlamberger continues. This newly developed system, which is portable for humans, enabled flexible use in nature without additional transport aids. Dr Schlamberger and his team were pleased with the resource-saving and environmentally friendly filming, the result of which was a great success.