Treasure trove & 3D Tauern cinema

On the trail of the Tauern treasures

The 3D experience cinema makes the unimaginable comprehensible: the formation of the Alps and the Tauern Window during the crash of the continents - 250 million years in a breathtaking 15 minutes!

In the course of the formation of the Alps, almost all rock layers were not only shifted but also transformed. This metamorphosis took place at temperatures of mostly over 500° and pressures of up to many thousands of bar. In the process, however, the rocks are not melted or chemically altered, but only their structure is adapted to the higher pressure and temperature conditions.

Crystals sparkle in showcases and in a faithfully reproduced rock crevice. Learn more about the treasures of the Hohe Tauern and their formation.

Legendary cave

The constant knocking in the area of minerals and ores already points to a mysterious "worker" in the mountains: the Venedigermandl of the Sagenhöhle.

The mysterious Venedigermandl, who come to the mountains every year from the area around Venice to search for gold, silver and precious stones, could look into the mountains with their "Venedigerspiegel" and see treasures there. They carry the treasures they find away in sacks or small cauldrons. They can also cast spells on other people, make themselves invisible and sail through the air with the help of a cloak or cloth.