Wild waters

Experience the irrepressible power of the element water

Here you enter the new, often unnoticed world of the mountain stream.

The brown trout, but also all the insects can be seen here in 25x magnification. Between the stones you discover bizarre stream insects and a dipper dives in the current. The National Park presents its wealth of streams, mountain lakes, moors and waterfalls. In addition to the enlarged image of the dipper, the corner also features a short film on the bird's behaviour.

256 streams with a total length of almost 1000km flow through the National Park. The longest stream is the Krimmler Ache with a length of 20.2 km. Most streams are fed by glaciers and are therefore much colder than spring streams. Because of the turbidity of the water due to the finely ground rock abrasion of the glaciers, this water is also called glacier milk.

Thundering waterfalls

The most powerful waterfalls are the Krimml Waterfalls, which climb in 3 stages to a height of 380 metres. Because of their imposing appearance, the Krimml Waterfalls were awarded the "European Nature Conservation Diploma" as early as 1967.